Intro to Slots with Water Blox and Gigablox

Water Blox, the second slot from designer Peter & Sons, was created in collaboration with partner studio Yggdrasil and makes use of the successful Gigablox feature. Monster Blox, the original, had gorgeous visuals that let you forget you were playing a Gigablox-powered game. The sequel, Water Blox, follows in the footsteps of its predecessor in that it has roving wild respins and a growing multiplier during free spins, all while taking place in a realm where the green woods of Walarya meet the turquoise water of fjord nation.

‘Crafted’ is a very apt descriptor when talking about a Peter & Sons release, since their games have a style that is wholly own to them. One such game is Water Blox, which immerses players in a surreal and even magical aquatic setting. There’s a pond full of lily pads and a leaping fish at the game’s bottom, and the entire 6×6 game grid is covered with aquatic animals. Water Blox, a mystical wizard, appears adjacent to the game panel, referencing a common Peter & Sons theme. Sometimes, in an attempt to channel the souls of our aquatic brethren, he dresses up in a fish outfit and fires off modifications onto the reels. When reviewing a Peter & Sons game, we always hope for a little touch of magic, and Water Blox delivered.

The numbers aren’t bad, either; the highly unpredictable mathematical formula behind Water Blox yields an average potential return value of 96%. Approximately once every five spins, or 21.01% of the time, a player will get a winning combination of symbols on a payline if at least three matching symbols appear in a row starting from the left. You may wager anywhere from 20 pence every spin up to fifty pounds or euros.

Water Blox provides players with 8 standard symbols. The four lower-value suits pay just 0.8 times the initial wager for a full house of six of a kind. These are spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds. Then there are four premium animal symbols that pay 2–10 times the wager for six of a type. These are frogs, pufferfish, purple fish, and a particularly amazing octopus. An angry gold fish serves as the wild symbol and can appear on any reel to substitute for non-feature symbols. Similar to the octopus, a successful line consisting of six wild symbols will pay out 10 times the wager if it is a winner.

Slot Machine Featuring Water Blox and Gigablox

Yggdrasil’s Gigablox feature is only one of many unique aspects of Water Blox, which also includes roving wilds, respins, Monster Free Spins, and a purchase bonus.


Gigablox are large symbols, often between 2 and 6 squares in size. They can show up on any reel and their 1×1 tile size is used in win calculations.

Insane Reversals

One to three of the regular game symbols will go wild at random. Any wins trigger a respin with the wilds shifting to a new place at random. The number of roving wilds is determined by the size of the symbols being transformed: blocks of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 symbols can generate 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 wilds, respectively. If a wandering wild lands on a large block during the respin, it will turn the entire block wild.

Wild Free Turns

Free games begin if at least five scatters have been landed during the main game. Any scatter that lands during the bonus round will result in an additional free spin, up to the maximum of the number of scatters in view. On every free spin, the Wild Respin feature is active, turning 1-3 random symbols on the panel into wilds. In addition, a meter is accumulated by one point for every wild symbol that is acquired. The multiplier for wins doubles at 20, jumps to 3x at 45, 5x at 75, and 10x with 125 wilds. Additionally, +2 extra spins are granted at each collecting tier. Remember that wilds gained through respins are not kept.

Investment in Extra Value

There are three possible bonus buys for players to choose from. You may purchase 5 free spins for a wager of 58x, 20 free spins for a stake of 580x, or a random amount of free spins for a bet of 140x.

Slot Judgment for Water Blox Gigablox

Monster Blox’s design wowed us, and we also think Water Blox is really cool. The game is brimming with the kind of nuanced design choices that Peter & Sons excel at, and at which they only appear to be improving. Water Blox is a great illustration of the studio’s ability to pack a lot of high-quality elements into a little space and come up with something truly remarkable. Take a look at that octopus, or watch the fish-belted shaman put on his fish skin disguise. Water Blox is another P&S game in which it’s simple to let go and enjoy the surreal atmosphere of the game’s setting. Do you remember reading Where the Wild Things Are when you were a kid? It reminds me of Water Blox.

Okay, so the presentation is perfect; what about the actual gameplay? The majority of stuff is also rather good. Using Gigablox places the studio inside the confines of the mechanic’s fundamental rules. However, Gigablox can be exciting on its own, and the free-roaming wilderness is a brilliant addition. When used in the original game, they turned bigger Gigablox tiles into wilds, which led to some fun moments.

When more free spins were given out at the beginning, players had a far better chance of hitting it big. That’s true of any game, but in Water Blox it stood out because of the length of time it took to accumulate enough wilds to trigger the higher multipliers. When given fewer free spins to begin with, the task is typically more challenging. Wins of over 10,000x the stake are advertised, so decent wins are achievable when luck is on your side.

You will either love or hate Water Blox depending on your opinion of the Gigablox function. Overall, it’s a really decent P&S-stamped slot, and the utilization of random wild respin opportunities makes it a fun addition to the Gigablox family.

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